Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sunday 5th April


Up about twenty past nine, did not bother about breakfast. It was rissoles. I dressed, had a bath which I enjoyed very much, then got my things out, cleaned my boots and getting ready for various jobs. Cycled over to Rodwell, had tea and went for a walk with Kidlet and Lyn. We got some tangles out of Kala's coat. Walked back again, met all the children with their sand yacht. Got back and sat in chair, put Lyn to bed. She had several stories, then I finished the Endless Furrow. Had supper and got ready to bike home. I put the new battery in so I was sure of a good light. Doris walked up the  drive with me. I said goodnight and got back to camp about ten past eleven and got down to sleep. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up 9.15, and Lyn too. Washed breakfast things and beds and wrote to Mother. Put Lyn up about 2, finished by 2.30 and about 3.15 Bill came, how lovely it is to have him each day. sat and talked all the afternoon, got Lyn up and had tea on our own, then up the Bushton Road for a walk. Did Kala's ears and started attack on her coat during the walk. Bill put Lyn to bed and read to her while I washed up. Sat and read all the evening on our own in the dining room, no fire but not cold. Up to the top with Bill, how I hate that ride back for him - now to bed 10.50 pm. G. Night.

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