Friday, 13 April 2012

Monday 13th April


Up at 6.45, washed and shaved and then got a cup of cocoa, then took my stuff into guard hut. Cleaned boots and went o breakfast. Had bacon, sausage and puffed wheat, coffee. After then, went back to hut. Did some more work and finished some fences. Had a smoke at break time, then carried on. Went to dinner and had minced up meat and carrots, potatoes, date bread pudding. Had a sleep till two, then went back to work. Packed up at four, had three cups of tea and a piece of corned beef and jam. Got ready to go out and cycled over to Rodwell. It was nice going without my overcoat and a glorious afternoon. Doris and Lyn met me and Lyn ran up to me to kiss me. It was nice walking back. We cleared a way and washed up, put Lyn to bed and she had some stories. Put lotion into Kala's ears and got a book Corn in Egypt. I enjoyed the book. Doris sat with me. She had tooth ache. I enjoyed the story, had supper and cycled back. It was a  cloudy night. Got in bed about 11.30. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs, but in addition scrubbed all Jody Matheson's tiled floors. Late dinner, not finished til 3.15. Had a little rest and read til 3.45 then did a bit of my ironing, got Lyn up, got tea and we had ours, then went to meet Bill and back here by six. Washed up, put Lyn to bed and story, then both read in the dining room, I in Bill's parlour. Had rotten toothache but it has mercifully subsided now. Letter from Mother today, all well. Up to the top with Bill and now to bed and tired too 109..47 pm. Leave cancelled this week!!! G. Night.

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