Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wednesday 8th April


Up usual time but feeling better. Did some more work, started a few more lines to Mother, went on with trees. Had dinner, meat, greens, potatoes, syrup pudding. Had a sleep then went on with work. Packed up for tea. After tea went in Rec room and read book, then rang up Doris. After then, went to bed. Got two bars of chocolate.


Rodwell. Up 8.10 and all usual jobs. Did a bit of washing for Lyn before dinner too. Bill rang up dinner time much better but not well enough to come. Finished 'Corn in Egypt' this afternoon - good book. Got Lyn up at four and took her and Kala up front  drive and down the back. Lyn fell over and grazed her head and both knees. Bill rang up this evening. Going to have a medical tomorrow to see if he is to stay in the RAF Regiment or not. I feel our future life depends on if he tells the truth. Messed away the evening miserable and lonely and now to bed 9.15 pm.

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