Monday, 9 April 2012

Thursday 9th April


Up at 6.45 and then went in to guard room and got things ready for work. Had Bill Gale with me. Had dinner, egg, fried bread and date pudding, then went to ring up Doris. Told her I was coming over in the evening. It was fine but windy. Went over for medical. It was a farce. They just read out what I was when I joined up and said I wanted a colour test. I passed that and took some tea over for Mr A. and got on my bike to see Doris. She was pleased. She had just got back. I had a large plate of home cured ham for supper. Then cycled back.


Rodwell. Up 8.10, all usual jobs. Bill rang up dinner time, no medical after all. Did a little bit of ironing, then read goat books this afternoon. Got Lyn up at 4, got tea and Lyn and I had ours, then went to meet Bill but didn't, but he came just as we got in. He was much better, it was so very, very nice to see him again. Had no medical but was automatically passed to the RAF Reg. Bill put Lyn to bed and read to her while I washed up. Sat on our own and talked about farms. Up to the top, back and up again with lamp battery. Bed now - 11.10. G. Night.

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