Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wednesday 29th April


Up at 6.50 and had a cup of cocoa and washed, shaved, poached an egg, then went to breakfast. Had fried egg on fried bread and All Bran and my egg as well so I had a good feed. It is perishing cold NE wind and blowing  strong. I went over to rec room but it was locked so asked Reg Thursby to unlock it for me. I measured up windows in pill box. My hands were frozen did some drawing and packed up for break at half past ten. Carlyle borrowed my steel helmet. We laid blankets out for inspection. Not very nice being on parade these days. Went to dinner, had fish cake, peas, potatoes and rice pudding. Wrote some more of Mum's letter. Went on with drawing and did quite a bit. Packed up for tea and had some of my butter, meat jam and cake. Got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Met Doris and Lyn. We sat on the bank and talked, then drifted back. I gave Lyn a pick a back. We washed up. Showed *** how to make a fastener for his mouse cage, then put Lyn to bed and read to her. Doris mended my trousers and then we read a book together. Had supper. I changed my batteries, rear one was no use, it went out when I got back. In bed 11.50.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs, had quite a thorough go round. Finished about 2.45. Washed the duck eggs, did all my ironing and a few hankies for Mrs S. It was then time to get Lyn up, got tea and we had ours, then went to meet Bill. Met him, sat on the bank a little while and talked, home by seven. Cleared up, put Lyn to bed then came down and read all the evening in the chair with Bill - 'Down in the Valley'. Supper, fried vegetables and then plus Kala up to the top with Bill. Glorious moonlight night with far less wind. Now to bed 10.40 pm, so G. Night.

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