Sunday, 1 April 2012

Wednesday 1st April


Up about halfpast eight and nasty feeling in the stomach. We packed up our things and wished we were going back to our house. Lyn said she wanted to stop with grandma or go back to our own house. We played a few games of bagatelle and then put the board away. Said goodbye to the men in the shop and finished clearing up. Had dinner and then sat round the fire talking. We left an envelope for dad for the share in the car. The car came round at three. Mum and Rose and Ann came.Said goodbye to Dad. We picked Ivy up at the fire station and got to Paddington about 5 to 3. We got a seat at the front and then said goodbye to them all. The train started out on its Westward journey. We wished we were going on the north eastern. A man drew some animals for Lyn. Got to Chippenham 6.30. Car was waiting. Arrived at Rodwell. Had tea and then cycled back to camp. The lads were full of moans over new rules and regulations. I put my things a way and got ready for the morning. Bed very uncomfortable.


Rodwell. Back again.Not very happy but at least I am nearer to Bill than at Barnet. Up about 9.30, breakfast, then did all my ironing, packing etc. all the morning. Played Bill bagatelle, I won two, Bill one, and played *** ***. Dinner but no appetite. Sat round the fire and talked afterwards till Rosie and Anne came at 2.45, then got ready for the car at three. Picked Ivy up at ***. Lyn sick in the car but very good in the train and slept in the car this end. Welcome - all the tea things to wash up!! Had a bit of a meal, I had a bit of cake. Up to the top with Bill, talk to Mrs S and now bed. Very, very lonely - 9.27 pm. G. Night.

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