Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Friday 6th March


Snow on  ground, freezing. Up 7.30 and shaved, washed, made bed. Went to breakfast 8.20. it was fish but it was good and the porridge nice. Read paper at table then went back to hut. It is very cold and snow lies on the ground. I started work. Smithy came with me. He did not want to go on parade. I finished *** and *** hanger and gun post. Found I was 1 Post but changed to 7 as I was going on SOP and Bill Kilgour was on the M gun guard. This rather shook me as I wasn't expecting it owing to shortage of LACs. Went to pay parade, drew £2.0.0 and then started work again. Packed up at twelve, cleaned buttons, rifle. Had dinner, corned beef, potatoes, bread pudding and custard. Bought an ounce of shag from Len Kells. 1.30 on parade and went on first. It was cold. I rang Doris up. She had a letter and snaps of frank from Mother. Lyn had been inoculated. She screamed. met Joe McConnel. He was going away tonight instruction *** of *** wished him goodbye. Sat in guard hut. Went to tea, had rissoles and cake. RO to *** on stand too with A C Ball. 8 to eight. Packed up, rang Doris up. I wished I was there. Back to hut, had supper, pies potatoes. Had a cup of tea in hut and a good warm. Kelly arrived back. Had a chat then took blankets over to guard hut. made bed and got in to it.


Rodwell. Up usual time. Went with Mrs S to take the girls to school then to Dr James to have Lyn and Philip inoculated. Lyn yelled. Shopping in Calne and got back 10.30 am! Cleared breakfast and washed up, did beds and dining room and then had dinner. Cleared up and did my ironing, then knitted and snoozed in the dining room. Bill rang up dinner time that he was on 7 post. Rang up again tonight, all ok. Mrs Lucock sent £1 for us for Xmas and snaps of Frank, very good. Knitted all the evening and got on very well with Lyn's jumper. Bed now 10.35pm.

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