Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sunday 8th March


Up about half past eight. I dressed Lyn and washed her, also shaved then down to breakfast. We had porridge with syrup and creamy milk, bacon and egg with fried bread. Then we washed up and went for a walk. Lyn pushed the pram with her dolls sitting up. We went a good way and let Kala off but she was a bit lame. We got home in time for dinner, roast beef, potatoes and carrots with trifle and stewed rhubarb, very nice. After dinner we washed up, then put Lyn to bed and sat in the chair by the window in the sun. It was lovely and warm and we dropped off to sleep. We had tea and then washed up and took Lyn out to see the sheep. She got stuck in the mud so I pulled her out. We put her to bed. She had a few stories and then went down stairs. I wrote a note to Mum and Dad Barnet, and Doris enclosed the photos of Frank. We read and had supper then very sorrowfully went up the drive. A very happy weekend. 11.30 bed.


Up 8.15 and cooked part of breakfast as Mrs S at early service. Bill dressed and washed Lynette. Washerd up, did beds and potatoes, then went for a lovely walk along the Bushton Road plus Kala. Back to dinner. Washed up together and put Lyn to bed, then drew the wing armchair in my room up to the window and we sat there warm in the sun and snoozed till past 4!!  Got Lyn up. Bill did tgea, took Lyn overf the fields to see the sheep, then bed and Nursery Rhymes. We both wrote to Mum then Bill read and I knitted. Supper. Up to the top gate with Bill. Very lonely now. Bed 10.30 pm.

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