Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wednesday 4th March


Up about 7.20, washed, shaved and went to breakfast. Had bacon and porridge. Made a piece of toast, then back to work. Started making C Flt. Kelly was having a scrounge. Ken Hart borrowed my bike to go down to guard room. Storry gave me a chisel. Stopped for break 10.30. Carried on with work. Made a guard room. Had dinner, had fish cakes, parsnips and potatoes, prunes. I had 2 helpings of prunes. Went back to work and finished off C. Flt and painted some more of the others. Found someone had chipped one of them, so have to make another one. Filled my lighter. Kelly went on forty eight hours. I got dressed to go out and it was much milder and the rain had stopped. Met Doris with Lyn and we walked back. Had tea, washed up and put Lyn to bed. I read her stories, after then I read articles on turning and various other things. Also talked about poultry with Doris and had a little knowledge test. Had a good warm then supper. Doris walked up to the gate with me then cycled home. It was already eight *** got in 11.15. Had a smoke. The lads had gone to Filey. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn does eat a good dinner these days. Finished by 1.45 and did a terrific packet of washing,  not finishing until 4.15. Got Lyn up and got tea then went to meet Bill. Put Lyn to bed and nursery rhymes. Stayed up there a little while; Bill read and I read and knitted. Doesn't seem much to say but it's been a very, very happy evening - all's well now. Washed 2 socks for Lyn. Up to the top with Bill and now to bed very tired but happy. It's been a very wet day, but much milder. 10.30 pm so G. Night.

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