Monday, 12 March 2012

Thursday 12th March


Up at 7.15, had breakfast. It was still raining. Had porridge but could not tackle fish, it smelt strong near the bone so I drank my tea and took my bread and butter over to hut and had some Beetox on it. 9.00 outside at work, shaped up one or two models to fit board, then had a smoke by the fire at break time. Found I was on one post Yatesbury. Had dinner, corned beef, beans and potatoes, and date pudding and custard. After then, I rang up Doris and told her I was on duty, then went to get cleaned up. On parade and over to one post. It was cold. Took over from Kelly. Guns were rusty so we cleaned and oiled them well. They had been out in the rain.
11 till 12 had a lecture and talk by Flt Lt Ball. 3 o'clock went down to Post Office and put £5 in the P.O.S.B. After then I went on the post. Lester and another one with me. I went to tea, had raspberry jam bun, and salmon. Went back to post till others had theirs. After stand down, went to supper, found it was 8.50, we had been on too long. Lester's watch had run down, so went to *** and had sausage and fried bread and three rings doughnuts and a cup of tea. Saw Bob Banker and had a chat with him. He offered his bunk to me as he had a spare bed. I accepted and went to bed about ten 20. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Feel very lonely today but quite all right. Bill rang up dinner time, on  No. 1 Yatesbury - shame, but could have been worse. Did our washing all the afternoon, got Lyn up at 4, she played with Jill and Bridgit before and after tea. Knitted after tea, put Lyn to bed then knitted all the evening but don't think there's enough wool to finish Lyn's skirt. Supper usual time but Mrs S reminiscing - but now to bed and I feel tired. Another long lonely day without Bill. 10.40 pm. Goof Night.

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