Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Saturday 21st March


Up at 6.45 and had a wash. On PT. Found I wasn't on guard so was pleased. Arranged to get warrants changed for Kilgour and Dan Hamilton. Bought *** found some coupons to and got some fags. Made some more models and went to dinner. MacDonald gave me his warrant and Frennington's to cash. I had Kelly to help me as he wanted to get away  early on pass. Got dressed and went out. Cycled over to Hillmarton. Doris still had a cold. We did not go out in the afternoon but went and had a look at the sheep in the evening. Put Lyn to bed and sat by fire. The pig had been killed. I read Endless Furrow and found it good. We also arranged about a car to Chippenham. We had Liver for supper, it was excellent. I had  two helpings, very nice, and some good coffee. We discussed Lambs and lambing. After supper I washed up and got ready to go. I did not let Doris come out with me as she had a wheeze on her chest and I did not want to have her get any more colds. I found the lamp would not go but it was alright when I put a piece of paper in the back. Got back about eleven ten and got to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time,  really and truly messed away the morning and f elt very rotten with a rotten cold and cough. Lyn had dinner with us - lots, then bed. Finished by 2.05 then did all my ironing. Then Bill arrived unexpectedly - good. Spent the rest of the afternoon Bill putting *** into Lyn;s shoes. After tea, went to see the sheep and lambs, and all round the fields. Put Lyn to bed and stories. I made a bodice for Lyn on the machine, then carried on with her doll's frock. Bill read, I didn't go out with Bill tonight. Dear **, bed 10.45 pm. Pig killed.

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