Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunday 1st March


Got up 7.30, dressed in great haste and went to gun post. Others were asleep and so we got guns out and ammunition. 8.15 went to breakfast and had corn flakes, bacon and coffee which were very good. Went back to the hut, made my bed and washed and shaved. Felt very much better. Went back to post and both men cleaned guns. I noticed a black cat came inside with mice and shrews she caught. Then all went to dinner, had batter pudding, roast potatoes and swedes, apple stewed and custard unsweetened. Went up for second helping and had Brussels sprouts with them, very nice. Found I had picked up wrong cup but this one was larger so rubbed of *** with emery. Cleaned rifle and buttons, signed the book. Good five inside *** by D.O. and then relieved, dismissed. Got ready to go out. Met Doris and Lyn. Got back and had a bath. Lyn was very thrilled to wash me and put powder on me. I had tea. It was Mrs Smeaton's birthday. Had a nice tea. Washed up and put Lyn to bed. Read to her. Then sat by fire reading and drew some figures in the childrens' book. Had supper and got back to camp.


Rodwell. (Mrs Smeaton's Birthday). Up 8.35, breakfast, potatoes, beds and washed up.Mrs S and three kids went to fetch Tim. I wrote to Mother then started to unpick Lyn's blue frock. Finished dinner things by 2.15, got Lyn up before three and took her to meet Bill. Bill had a bath before tea. Lyn washed, dried and powdered him. Put Lyn to bed, Bill read nursery rhymes. Sat round the fire, Bill read and snoozed. I finished unpicking the blue frock, then started knitting Lyn a blue jumper. 10.00 up to the top with Bill, very miserable and feeling terribly homesick. Knitted till now, 11.10, bed. G. Night.

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