Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wednesday 18th March


Up 6.45 and had a wash and a cup of cocoa, then went on P.T. in the hanger. After then I shaved, glad that I had polished up the night before. I had breakfast which was bacon and tomato. The bacon wasn't too good but I enjoyed the bread and butter in the tomato. Went on with cutting out frame for models. 10.15 went down office to see Flt Lt Ball and he asked me about my extension. He said it wasn't in his power to give me extra because it would have to go before the group commander and a reason such as illness could only be granted. He said if I could not get it done, wire for two days. He wold grant it. I forgot to mention I was going to Barnet as well but I don't think I'll risk going to Cedars as well. I sharpened my chisels and then went to office to see Mr Ball about some models and he wanted some *** guns and *** hedges and trees made. I shall do them. Also I needn't bother with a frame as Mr Godfry is short of wood. Had dinner. Rang up Doris. We had peas, fish cakes and prunes and custard. Told Doris about arrangements, said she would ring up Mother and tell her I am going to ring her up tonight on post. Had tea, liver, spuds. On stand to, had supper, corned beef. Rang up Doris and she had rung up Dad. He was pleased. Arranged for call in morning. Mad bed and got to bed.


Up usual time and all usual jobs and a little washing for Lyn. Philip hurt two fingers quite badly. Knitted hard all the afternoon. Lyn played about quite happily after I got her up at 3.30. Knitted hard all the evening. Rang Dad up and said we were going on Monday. Bill rang up dinner time then again at 9.00 tonight. He has as good as got the extension if he likes to wire for it next Saturday, we shall talk it over tomorrow. He's on No. 1 Yatesbury. Roll on Monday - how happy Lyn will be. Bed now as I feel drowsy. 10.50 pm so G. Night.

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