Friday, 9 March 2012

Monday 9th March


Up about 7.10, dressed and went to breakfast. Had porridge, bacon, then went on with the job. Finished off the frame, painted the others in and shaped up the models.Told I was on seven post so cleaned up and had dinner after which minced meat and rice pudding, went on parade then on to post from 12.45 - 15.15. Then sat in hut reading. Rang Doris up. We were not very cheerful. *** Deny gone away to old unit for a time. One of the lads asked me to shape a plane for him.I did so, he gave me a packet of fags. Had tea, brawn, cake, then went on from 18.48 till 19.48. Put guns away at store too then to supper. Welsh Rarebit, had two and some cocoa. It was cold. Chatted to one of the lads then rang up Doris. She was pleased to hear from me, I was glad to talk to her. After then I got my blankets, made my bed. Did some more reading, then arranged for duty runner to call me at 5.50. Got in bed, went on with reading till 10.00.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Did a little washing this morning. Finished 2.45. Finished off Lyn's jumper then 3.30 got Lyn up and took her and Kala out up the back drive and down the front drive. Then she played in the garden till tea time with the others. Very defiant and naughty during and after tea, so put her to bed. She was furious - awful scene. Calmed down and I read her a few nursery rhymes. let out my navy skirt all the evening. Bill rang up at nine and at dinner time, on No. 7 post, but all right. Bed now 10.12pm. G. Night.

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