Monday, 19 March 2012

Thursday 19th March


Had a call at 5.50. Dressed, made bed, called Jack Launi. I made him touch his forehead three times to show he was awake. Went on to gun post. Did the stand too, saw Bob Barker at breakfast and then went over to his bunk with him. I put my kit inside, washed and shaved and then went back feeling better after a breakfast of corn flakes and sausages. it was a misty rain so could not do guns. Went down to armoury to tell them about gun mountings. Saw Sq Ld Fish. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was on one post, then he said have you finished that job over there yet and I said I had got some more to do. He asked me about that camouflage job on the *** and suggested some things to do and asked me to to think out a plan for it. I said I would. Armourer came and fixed guns, then I oiled them. Arthur Smith brought a letter to say that the men could help with banking up the post. I said I would but did not do much as it was wet. Went to dinner. It was meat pie and greens, and fruit pies and custard. Came back to clean up kit. Relieved post, took C Flt guard back and dismissed them. Cycled over to Rodwell. Brought a lamb in. Doris fed it. I thought she looked like old times. Took me back years. Went up to village, Doris bought me shaving stick and two ounces of tobacco, *** I was pleased with it, then we had tea before we went out. I mend Lyn's cot and doll, read her a story, and then Furrow and I talked about leave. We had supper and then I cycled back. Made bed, had a smoke and went to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and usual jobs. Finished 2.15 and knitted. Mrs S out so had Philip. Got Lyn up just as Bill came. Mr S then brought in a little lamb and I fed it and fussed it. Got tea and Bill and I had ours, then up to the shop. Took Lyn without leggings. Put Lyn to bed, Bill mended her doll and read her new book to her. Sat round the fire, Bill read 'Endless Furrow' and I knitted. Up to the top with Bill. I was going to take the lamb up to bed to look after it but it has just died. So to bed, I feel too weary to stay up and knit. 10.50.

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