Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wednesday 11th March


Up about 7.10 and shaved, cleaned up and had breakfast, tomatoes tin and bacon, porridge, coffee. After breakfast I sat by fire and wrote some of this diary. Started work on hangers and scraped oil off Ken ***'s piece of wood. Had a smoke. Kelly borrowed my rifle. It was raining hard. had dinner. It was baked meat mixture in a crust, potatoes, parsnips and pudding with syrup. I bought a bar of chocolate and lent Kelly 6d. Then I saw some tobacco and reserved it for tomorrow and paid for it after having a 6d off Duffy. Rang Doris up. She had a leter to say the certificates had been transferred to Lyn. Went back to hut, it was still raining. Kelly is getting ready for guards. Went on working, fetched some more dope and finished the hanger. gave some dope to Bill Gale to do his wellington with. Went to tea, it's still raining. Had tinned meat, cake, watery tea. I had another slice of cake.After tea I started on Ken ***'s tank and worked till about 7. Went to supper. It was toad in the hole, quite nice. I went back to hut, did some reading, then got my tobacco and had a drink. Rang Doris up. She was lonely. I felt tired,  made bed, in it by nine. Frank wearing ***.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Miserable wet rainy day all day. Finished by 2.00pm. Knitted and read till 4, then got Lyn up, knitted and read her bunny book then she played nurses with Jill and Bridgit, and also after tea too. Put Lyn to bed. Finished my skirt and then wrote for shoes for Lyn, and to Mother, then knitted. Bill rang up dinner time and again this evening - it's very lonely without him, doesn't seem any point in life the days he doesn't come. Tomato omelettes for supper. Bed now - 10.20.

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