Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tuesday 3rd March


Up about 7 then cleaned up. Sharp frost. Had breakfast, bacon and tomato, porridge. Then back to work. Saw Mr Masterman. He was very pleased with them. He spoke about recent manouvers and Flt Lt Ball will be back on Monday. I started on wireless mast and painted some of it. Made a very good job of it. Had dinner, mutton, potatoes and carrots, currant pudding and custard. Put in a S.O.P for Sat. After dinner went on with work. The lads had their medical for ***. I painted up some more of the models, then went over for cupof tea. Had a sausage roll. Made my bed and cycled over to Rodwell. met Doris and Lyn. Have Lyn a ride on my bike. Had tea then put Lyn to bed, read her some stories. Doris had a letter from Ivy thanking her for birthday present. Also read Mother's letter. They had finished the rooms. *** had three kittens. Sat by fire and cleared up a few matters with Kidlet. Had supper, got back to camp, got in bed, had a smoke. Goodnight.


Up usual time, and all usual jobs. Finished 2.30, snoozed in the chair til 3.30 then bath and got Lyn up. Got tea and then took Lyn to meet Bill, all had tea together 5.45. Put Lyn to bed and Nursery Rhymes from Bill. Round the fire with Bill, almost cleared up last Thursday but not quite, no proof. Bill read and I wrote to Mother. Supper early, 9.10 up to the top with Bill - good pals but just that bit missing. C.O. and Masterman saw Bill's models today and were very pleased with them. bed now, tired 10.30, so G. Night.

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