Friday, 30 March 2012

Monday 30th March


Up about 9.30, went down the town and looked over some books. Bought a piece of rubber and a tube of solution, a book in tactics and a bone. Came back to dinner. After dinner Doris and I walked over to Potters Bar to see George Dyer. We stopped until he milked his cows, then walked back. It was cooler but we felt tired. After tea we played draughts. I won several, then listened to news and went to bed early. Doris had a headache.


Barnet. Up about 10.00 am. Bill went wandering down the town. I messed about all the morning, helped Mother etc. Had a little sit down after dinner, then Bill and I walked to Dyer's. We were there by 3.30 and stayed till past four. Home by 5.30. Lyn went by bus to Station Road to see Jean off. Dad and Bill played draughts all the evening. I snoozed chiefly. Ivy bathed Lyn and told her 3 Bears, and I put her into bed. Still very headachey, indigestion I think. To bed very tired 10.50 pm. G. Night.

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