Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sunday 29th March


Up very late but Lyn was up by seven. We had breakfast, I read poultry books and talked about goats. We had dinner late, chicken and plum pie, very nice. After dinner we went for a walk with Dad. It was very  warm out. We sat on a seat for a long while then walked home to tea, feeling thirsty and tired. After tea, played draughts and read my book. Went to bed early.


Barnet. Up to 11 am breakfast but Lyn was up at 7. Messed away the morning helping and reading goats. Dinner 2 - chicken, out for a walk with Dad and Bill all round the woods after, gloriously warm. Hand round tea, girls went to Church so I bathed Lyn and put her to bed. Snoozed all the evening with a headache and feeling tired. Bill and dad played draughts. Got a touch of toothache. A bit earlier to bed - tired after yesterday I expect. I wish we were still at Cedars. 10.15pm.

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