Friday, 2 March 2012

Monday 2nd March


Got up about 6.50, dressed and had breakfast of porridge, bacon. Went back to work. Made a hut and painted up some barns then started on armoury and range. Had dinner, a minced up affair and currants in rice pudding. I had a ginger ale and made a piece of toast, then talked with Kelly. He failed his medical to go to ***, heart beats too fast. Started on more work then finished up with the paint. Went over and had a cupof tea and a piece of jam and cream sandwich. Cycled over to Rodwell. Doris was looking through the window, very pleased to see me. Mrs Smeaton had taken the children to see a conjuring show. Read nursery rhymes to Lyn in front of the fire. Put her to bed and then filled my lighter and read out of *** book. Had supper, mackerel on toast, then got ready to go out then. Cycled back to camp. Sat by the fire talking to Kelly till half past twelve. Had a smoke then in to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Jill and Bridget on holiday today so Lyn played with them all the morning. Finished about 2.15. Knitted till 3.15 then got Lyn up and she played in the *** with the others until early tea at 4.30. Mrs S, J and B went to conjurer at St Mary's. Bill here 5.15, read Lyn nursery rhymes in the dining room in her dressing gown. Bill read this evening and I knitted, but disappointed evening. Had last Thursday 'out' with Bill but no better. Still miserable tonight. Up to the top with him, very polite and nice. Bed 10.50 pm.

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