Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Friday 15th May


Up at 7 am and washed, shaved. No PT parade. Went to breakfast and had liver and bacon, porridge. Went on parade at half past eight in ***. We had to pile up blankets and beds in hut 12-11. I shifted my stuff out of the locker in to the base. Had a drink and then pay parade. Drew £2-6-0 then cleared away straw in palliasses and burnt it. I said I would go on guard and have tomorrow and Sunday off. I had dinner and then got ready for guard - water guard. Rang Doris up and told her and Millway brought me in 1/8 worth of sweets, very good indeed. Up on guard, went on second in the first shift. Watched bomb throwing and then got flags in. After doing my hour, had a cup of tea and warmed sausages, jam. Made some coal bricks and got some wood in. Washed up and put things away then had a read and a sleep. Had a cup of tea. The others were playing cards. Did another turn 9-10 and then had supper, a piece of toast and a meat pie. I made bed and got into it. It was raining hard. I had a good sleep. The cards were still going strong. The orderly officer rang up. I dropped off to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs S took the children to school so not back til 10.30. Finished by 2..45. Lengthened one of Lyn's frocks and did soem washing and talked to L. Matheson while she was ironing, then did my ironing. Got Lyn up - she went to see the *** with Jill. Got tea and we had ours, then went up front drive and down the back, we saw the goat and kid. Goat wants feeding! Cleared up etc, put Lyn to bed and read B.G.S. all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time, he's on water guard so will be here about 3.30 tomorrow. Nothing else special to say. bed now 9.33 pm so G. Night.

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