Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sunday 10th May


Up at 8.15 and had breakfast, sausage and porridge, then got ready for a photo parade. Cleaned up verything. Took forms down hanger ready for photo. Had photo taken with whole squadron and then with the old boys only. It is a cold and breezy day, very dull. Had photo taken, one whole group then 1940 old boys and the N.C.O. had theirs. Went to dinner and had meat, greens, potatoes and fruit salad and custard. Got ready to go out and choked off one of the lads who was fooling around with his rifle. I cycled over to Rodwell. It was raining. Doris met me and we walked home together. We were disappointed that the weather did not allow our picnic. We sat upstairs, got Lyn up and had tea, then went for a walk but it rained so hard that we came back again, so I washed up and we put Lyn to bed. I read to her and then went down stairs. We sat in the chair and read the goats and journal. I had a short nap, then listened to Winston Churchill's speech. Had supper. It stopped raining till I got to the main road. I t was a happy weekend.


Up 8.30 am and Lyn also completely dressed herself. Did potatoes, beds etc, then wrote to Mother and dad. Finished by 2.30 and w ent up to meet Bill. Went up to bed to rest awhile; got tea 4.35 and we had ours, then started out for a walk but it was so wet we had to come back at the top of the drive. Put Lyn to bed and down by 7.15. Read goat books chiefly all the evening, Bill snoozed part of the time. Listened to Churchill's speech, quite cheerful. Up to the top with Bill, stopped raining, and now to bed 11.00 pm and tired so G. Night.

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