Friday, 25 May 2012

Monday 25th May


Up at 6.50 and shaved, cleaned up and got ready for parade. Had breakfast, sausages and tomatoes, porridge. On parade, did some drill till 9.30, then had gun drill in hut 4 till 10.30. Had break, 10.50 on parade and bayonette drill, 11.35 care and cleaning a rifle, 12.15 dinner. I packed my bag and went to dinner, had mutton, greens, potaotes, rhubarb and custard. Packed and got everything ready to go on 1 post. Read a story then parade in hut 4. PO Masterman taking the parade, said we can keep in guard hut till he rings us. At stand to, took over post from LAC Smith. Read a small book. Rain coming down in torrents. We sat inside and read.I drew and then got a book from B.H.Q. Went to tea, had bacon chips jam and cake. Watercress was there but I did not want any. A ** came on but did not last long. I rang Doris up, she was sorry I could not come. I promised to ring up later on. I went to supper, tinned meat, pickles, sausages. I waited 3/4 hours to ring Doris up. Visited by Orderly Off. PO Masterman and ** P.d. Went to bed in ***.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs but felt very much better. Letter from Mother but no news of Woodview. Mr S washed up so finished by 2.30! Messed about til 3, then curled up in the chair and read til 4.15. Went up to get Lyn up but she wouldn't so laid tea and then got her up. Read til tea time. Bill rang up, he's on 1 at Yatesbury but all right. Looked at xmas cards with Lyn after tea then cleared up etc. Mrs S wiped up! (What a good day!) Put Lyn to bed, then read in the armchair, finished Cherry Tree and read a Bee book. 9.15 Bath, out of it to talk to Bill on the phone then completed it and now to bed 10.15 so G. Night.

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