Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wednesday 13th May


Up at 6.50 and no PT parade. I washed and dressed, it was raining still. I changed my boots and socks as they were wet through, also my trousers and coat was soaked. I cleaned my rifle. Went to breakfast, had 2 rashes of bacon and porridge, then went on with my job. I was told I was on water guard so it shook me a bit. Had dinner, meat, parsnips and pudding. Rang up up Doris and told her I was on guard then hurried to get my kit ready. Millway, Farrington, Stevens, Hart were all on duty. I went on with Millway. It wasn't too bad as Alf Rogers was the Cpl. We had salmon for tea at half past six. LAC Rees came up to relieve Alf Rogers. We went down to the party and I saw Claud Kelly. I had a d rink with him and then I saw Flt Lt Fish. He asked me if I would like to go to the Isle of Man. I sat on the forms and listened to the gags and they handed round fags and sandwiches, plenty of beer knocking about. The music was good. Said goodbye to Bert Windle and Claud Kelly, Frank Parry and Jeff Suiter. We collect ourselves. Alf was a bit tight so we went up in the car. It was OK. We went straight on when we got back.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished by 2.00 pm !!! Did a little washing, hung it out, messed about, then got Lyn, got Philip too as Mrs S out. They played about while I tried to alter a frock to fit me. Got tea and we had ours, then Lyn played in the garden with the others and I sat in the rocking chair and waited - in vain - for Bill to ring up. he rang up dinner time that he was on No. 7 and would ring 5.30 but he didn't! Cleared up, darned socks, put Lyn to bed, got my washing in, read B. Goat Year Books. Bill didn't ring. Bath, did my hair and now to bed 9.50 pm. Early! G. Night.

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