Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Friday 8th May


Up 6.50, it is cold with an East wind blowing and dull. I went on the first parade for PT then went in Rec room and swept it out. Had a wash, shave and cleaned up. The other boys are going potato planting. It is now 8.15 so must go to breakfast. Had porridge and fish. Flt S Prichard said they were holding a smoking concert on Wednesday night and there will only be 14 men on guard. Went in to the Rec room and started work. The men came in for lectures so I cleared out and went down to main guard and asked Arthur *** how he would fix up the spares so he told me to get some raw bolts. I stopped talking about it and then walked up with him. Bob Barker asked me if I would change vests with him so I will do so, he is going away. Had dinner, mutton, potatoes, greens and bread pudding and custard. Had a read then went and looked for some different houses. Had tea, pie, cake. Went to Rodwell, met Doris and Lyn. I had a game of shops with Lyn, then we walked back. I washed up and put Lyn to bed and read to her, then we read in the chair till supper. I got home 11.10 pm.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Did a bit of Lyn's washing this morning. Finished about 2.45 - did my ironing. Got Lyn up and she played ion the garden. Got tea and we had ours. Went to meet Bill and did so at 6.15. Cleared up, put Lyn to bed then read in the chair together and finished 'Down in the Valley'. Bill's lot go on Thursday so a farewell smoking concert on Wednesday. Up to the top with Bill, back to find Lyn yelling dreadfully. Wanted tin tin but would not let Mrs S give it to her!  She (Lyn) woke me at 7.00 am to hear the cuckoo! Now 10.33 and so to bed - G. Night.

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