Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sunday 31st May


4.30 stand to, came off 5.30. Had a cup of tea and a lie down. Could not sleep. Had a wash and breakfast, it was porridge, egg and bacon. Then on the post 8.30 till 10.30. Cleaned all guns and cleaned pits. Came off and had a shave then played darts and went to dinner. had beef, roast potatoes, greens, rhubarb and custard. Came off and had a game of darts. Got bike ready and made bed and packed up bag. Dismissed, changed and biked over to Rodwell. Had a sleep, then got Lyn up, had a walk along the the road. It was very nice out. Came back to tea and then sat in the chair while Doris washed up. After then I put Lyn to bed and read to her. We went up the garden to look at the bees having their *** on and then I mended Lyn's shoes and the pram. Heard the news and had supper. After supper I packed up and cycled back again, getting home again in the light. made things comfortable and got to bed.


Rodwell. Up 8.30 am and got Lyn up the same time. Washed up, did eggs, potatoes and beds then sat outside in the sun and wrote to Mother and dad until dinner time. Bill here by 2.40, finished clearing up then we went to bed as Bill had only had 2 hours sleep. Got up 4.15, got tea and we went for a walk and had a nice time. Had tea and I washed up and cleared up while Bill rested. Put Lyn to bed then went up the garden with Mr S and Bill. Saw the bees, went to the workshop and put eyes in Lyn's shoe, then oiled and mended Lyn's pram. Sat in the chair and heard news, supper. Up to the top with Bill and now to bed 10.37 so G.Night.

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