Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sunday 3rd May


1.30 came off duty, made bed and got to sleep. Up again 5.20 and on duty. It was cold but had a look of a fine day. It was frosty. Came off 7.30 and went to breakfast. Had egg and bacon, then back to guard hut. 10 am went and had a shave and bath. Felt better. 11 am on duty again. Came off 1 o'clock and had dinner, mutton, roast potatoes, carrots, apricots, custard. Had a read on the bed, it was fine and warm. I studied field craft and guns then had tea, pie and cake. I had some of my butter. 5.40 off duty and I got dressed to go out. Cycled over to Rodwell, met Doris and Lyn, they were waiting for me. Lyn cried because she wanted to wheel the pram. I washed up. Doris had a head ache, she laid down on the bed. Lyn tried her new frocks on, they looked very nice. I showed Mr Smeaton the new bayonet drill. Mother rang up and Ivy about Lyn's coat. We discussed the new place then had supper. Doris felt queer but would come to the gate with me. The planes were bombing.


Rodwell. Up 8.30 and Lyn too. Lyn partly dressed herself. Did beds and potatoes and washed up, and then did my ironing and altered my green frock. Sat outside and sewed til dinner time. Sewed and darned outside til 4 then got Lyn up, got tea and we had ours. Then went to meet Bill. Mother rang up about 7.30, all's well, just to have a chat. Put Lyn to bed. I had a bad head so we laid on the bed til nearly none, and stayed there a while. Bill is not being posted on the 14th. Supper, up to the top. I feel rotten, touch of the sun I reckon. Asked Mrs S if she wants me to stay and she does. Now 10.50 pm so G. Night.

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