Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Saturday 16th May


Up at 2 o'clock. it was raining torrents but cleared up after a bit. We came off at four. The card party was still on. I made a cup of cocoa and got in the bed I had vacated two hours earlier and was soon asleep. I woke up 8.15, had breakfast in bed, sausages and fried bread, then went to relieve my partner at 9 am. It was a lovely morning. I cam off at ten, cleaned my rifle and washed and shaved, then made a cup of tea for all of us. Had a read, the rest played cards. I cooked the dinner, steak and fried bread, it was very nice. We were relieved by the *** at 1.50 so we were pleased and I soon got changed and cycled over to Hillmarton and met Doris and Lyn. We walked back and had tea. I gave Doris her chocolates and then we had a walk over the fields and looked at the ***. We put Lyn to bed and then read a catalogue. I fell asleep and then had supper. I got ready to go and we walked up to the gate. I was back by eleven and I had a bath and a smoke and had a good sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. very long morning. Letter from Mother, Wheathampstead off, house wooden! Finished about 2.45, while I was putting Lyn to bed, Mr Purffet came as one of his goat's ill, bought a bottle of stuff from Mr S. Got Lyn up at 3, went and met Bill. Goit tea and we had ours, then went down the fields. Cleared up and put Lyn to bed, stayed there awhile, then read C.G.* price list together in the armchair and Bill went to sleep. Up to the top and now to bed 10.10 pm nice and early for Bill for a change - G.  Night.

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