Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Friday 1st May


Not quite so cold, very bright and up by 6.50. I shaved, had a cup of cocoa and then made bed, cleaned things away and got ready for breakfast. had fried egg and two rashes, coffee, porridge. Went back to work and *** some lines for a roof. Had a smoke at break time. Did not bother to go in canteen. Gave one of the lads some *** for their models. Finished up work to go to dinner. Had stew and sago, not very thrilling. I went on with work till tea time. Had tea, chicken and ham roll, very dry and the cake was dry. They gave us some pickle after I had eaten onion. I got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Saw a brood of wild ducks. Gave *** his Players. Met Doris up the drive with Lyn. She had put some calved in the yard. I met a waaf of and I pumped her tyres up. Lost my washer, tried to make another. Read to Lyn and then read a book in the chair. Went up the garden to look at Mr Smeaton's tomatoes. A wire worm had eaten two off so transplanted. I said I would dig a  celery trench for him if he got the plants. Had supper, boiled egg and then departed. It was a lovely night but frosty. Moon was just rising. Got back 11.25.


Rodwell. Up usual time, all usual jobs till 11, then all the family departed to *** to take Pat. Messed about, Lyn was very good and played in the garden all the afternoon, then snoozed and generally messed about til 3.15 then had a bath. Got Lyn up, got tea and we had ours. Couldn't go to meet Bill because of leaving Jill and Bridget alone. Had to see some calves in for Mr S. 12 spay ***!!! Bill came 6.30, mended his pump then read to Lyn while I cleared up, then both cuddled her. Bill and I read in the chair. Up to the top, now to bed 11.08pm and very tired. G. Night.

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