Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Friday 22nd May


Up at 6.50, dressed, shaved, had breakfast. Egg, bacon and All Bran. 9 am on parade. A bit of marching and then a *** of Lewes and Vickers. 10.30 break and continued until until 12. Went to dinner, had stew and apple pie then rang up Doris and could get no reply, so got kit ready to go on 2A. I rang up again, Doris answered, we had quite a long chat and she told me that I had at least £48 in certificates but I cannot remember having all that. I went on parade *** up 2A. I had Turner, Canning, Gardner with me. The station warrant officer and orderly, Flt Sg came up and signed the book. Turner and Canning brought rations up. I read magazine and looked out. We had tea, paloney sausages and jam with fruit pies. Washed up tea things while others fetched coal and water. We tried to catch some young rats. We had a cup of tea and did the stand too. Orderly officer came on 5**. We had a sleep after some more tea.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from home but there is no settlement yet over the land so they will let us know. Bill rang up dinner time. He's on 2A. I told him about the letter also £100 between us at home! Rotten cold so finished 2.45, wrote home and then went to bed til 4.30. Got tea and we had ours and just went up the front drive and down the back, saw the goat, then cleared up and put Lyn to bed, and to bed myself at the same time. 7.15 took three disprin, TCP *** and hope for the best. G. Night.

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