Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Saturday 9th May


Woke up 5.30 feeling perished, it is dull and a cold east wind. On PT parade after a nice cup of cocoa, then swept out Rec room. Had a w ash and shave and cleaned up rifle and am going to breakfast. It was porridge, bacon and egg. Went to work and drew out plan for support for roof. Went to Rec room for break, had a smoke, chatted to Turner. He passed his 2 gun and instructors course. Went back to work and finished at 12. Had dinner, meat, carrots and potatoes and apple pudding with custard. Cycled over to Rodwell. Met Doris. Lyn was in bed so we walked over the fields and sat in the sun under a hedge. We talked about our future, then we walked back. I washed the leeks for tea and cleaned Lyn's shoes.We had tea and went for a walk. Doris drew her money at the Post Office. After then we walked round another way and had a look at the goat on the field. We let Kala off for a run. It was a nice walk and we all enjoyed it. I washed up while Doris put Lyn to bed, then we read to her. She was naughty so I packed up and then read about fruit culture with Doris reading about goats. Then had supper and got ready to go back to camp. I was a bit late but will be a lay in Sunday so got back 11.40 and went to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs, cleared up my room a bit. Finished 2.40 and went up alone to meet Bill, then we went and sat down the fields til 4 and talked. Got Lyn up, Bill and I got tea ready between us, had it and 5.15 went up to the village, had a lovely walk back round Kennaway's and saw his female white goat. Put Lyn to bed, then read in the armchair. Bill fruit trees, me goats! It's been such a happy day today. Up to the top with Bill, laid the breakfast so that I can have a lay in in the morning! Lyn looked so sweet today in her blue silk frock, white shoes and socks and pink cardigan! 11.05 pm so G. Night.

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