Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sunday 17th May


Up at 7.45, had egg, bacon and All Bran for breakfast. Had to go and clear up round the armoury, then took my tyre off and out a canvas patch inside and a rubber one outside. Then went to dinner, had very nice lamb and beans, roast potatoes and fruit salad and custard. Cleaned up buttons and rifle and finished letter to Mother. Got changed and cycled over to Rodwell. met Doris. it was raining and we did not go out. After tea we put Lyn to bed and then went up the garden to water the plants. Mr Smeaton had already done, so we helped him to shift his chickens. He found he had three more than he had paid for. We went in and did some reading of the goat mags, then had supper. I cycled back to camp. It was wet but I put my socks and shoes on the pipes.


Rodwell. Up 8.15!! Lyn dressed herself and we went down together. Washed up, did potatoes, made beds and then wrote to Mother and Dad, ironed a couple of frocks for Lyn and a vest and read B.G.S. until dinner time. They went to Church this morning but not Jill as she isn't very well. Went and met Bill at three. We sat and talked in kitchen and then looked at snaps of goats til tea with the family. I cleared up and put Lyn to bed, too wet to go for a walk, then went up the garden with Mr S and helped him to move the chicks. Read 'Goats' together in the chair all the evening. Up to the top and now to bed 10.25 pm. Dreadful wet night for Bill.

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