Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Saturday 30th May


Up at 7.30 and got dressed. Put things away and cleaned up. Had breakfast, liver and bacon, cornflakes, then on parade without webbing on rifles. We marched round to armoury and AC2 were taking a trade test. They had rifle fire, then we all had gun drill and firing with twin Lewis. It was cold. Then break, read notice stating that we could have 35 fags a week on Mondays at pre budget price. After break, finished firing and went on foot drill. Had dinner, lamb chops, mint sauce, greens and potatoes, prunes and custard. Rang Doris up. She was pleased I was on duty so I should be seeing her on Sunday. Went in guard 2nd shift 15.00. 16.30 had tea and it was sausages, jam. I also had a plate of prunes left over from dinner. Went back to guard hut. It is bright sunshine now. Had a game of darts then went on 20.30 - 22.30. Had a cup of tea and on 11 post 00.30 till 2.30. Had a sleep and on again.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished by 2.15. Mrs S, Jill and Bridget went to see Tim. I read and messed about til 4 when I got Philip (wet) and Lyn up, played in the garden with them, then got tea for Mr S, the kids and me. Washed up and cleared up then sewed at Lyn's knickers. Bill rang up dinner time. He's on 7 and 11, then he rang up again 7.30, he sounded quite cheerful. How lovely to see him tomorrow. Put Lyn to bed then bathed Philip. Mrs S came home 8.30 and took him over then. Talk and now to bed to have a read 9.10 pm. No letter from home today. Good Night.

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