Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Friday 29th May


Up at stand two and generally got about. It hailed first thing and poured with rain. Main cooked breakfast, steak and chips. it was a late meal. Sent the other two down after water and *** I checked up on the guns and cleaned them. it came on to rain hard again. I finished my book and washed up plates and then put a saucepan of water on for shaving and  washing. I felt much better after that. Milway rang up from 1 post. He was pulling my leg about having to stop on camp and do gardening when we came off guard. Knowing how they do things I did not disbelieve it. I was  relieved by Vaughn then we found we had to draw our pay so tried to ring up Doris but could not get through. Drew my pay £2.8.0. and cycled back for my things and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris thought I wasn't coming. We went up to the village and it rained. She gave me an ounce of tobacco. I was pleased. I had my bank book back. We had Devonshire cream for tea, it was nice. Then put Lyn to bed and read our book. The place was off.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter  from Mother, they have decided against Woodview as it is too far off the map. Finished about 2.30 and did a bit of sewing on a pair of knickers for Lyn til 3 - went to meet Bill, walked up and down til 4. Got Lyn up, got tea, then Bill came at 4.30. Talked til 5 then went up the village, it rained most of the time. Came back and had tea, cleared up, put Lyn to bed, didn't stay up there a while. Read in the chair and talked all the evening. Time went unmercifully quickly - two more days now til he comes again, oh dear. Up to the top and now 10.30 pm so G. Night.

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