Monday, 21 May 2012

Thursday 21st May


Up at 7 am, shaved and cleaned up, went to breakfast at 5 past eight. had liver, bacon and All Bran and coffee. On parade in 4 hut  as it  rained all night and is still raining. Went to lecture on Vickers gun and had break. Got a letter from C. Kelly and then bought a 6 1/2 tenner. Went over to Yatesbury and changed boots for a new pair with rubber soles. Came back to post office, banked £8, 5 for Doris and  3 for myself then back to lecture 12.15. Went to dinner, had lamb greens and potatoes with prunes and custard. Rang Doris up. She had no wire. Arranged to ring up at four. Cut some grass round the posts, paid for photos. Got dressed and found they still ran the standby so had tea, pies, jam. Asked Prichard if I could go out with a *** by. It was 8k so rang up Doris. She had no wire. Cycled over to Rodwell. I met them at the pond watching a brood of young wild ducks. We went home, cleared away, put Lyn to bed and read *** and the B.G.S. and then had supper. Bill shut his rabbits up in the mens house. Jess killed them.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Very wet morning but lovely afternoon and evening. Finished 2.45 and did some washing. Started to hang it out but got it all in again as weather uncertain. Got Lyn up, got tea and we had ours then went to meet Bill. he rang up dinner time and again tea time to see if dad had wired. Met Bill and saw ducks and 13 babies on the pond. Put Lyn to bed and then cleared up. Bill brought his photos today - good. Read *** in the chair together this evening. Up to the top and now to bed 10.37 pm and tired so G. Night.

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