Friday, 4 May 2012

Monday 4th May


Up 6.50, went on parade and in dining hall, then shaved and cooked my last egg. We had bacon and tomato, porridge. I cleaned my rifle and then went on with my drawing. Had a look at the paper break time. Carried on with work, saw Claud kelly, and then worked till dinner time. Had meat, potatoes, beans and stewed rhubarb and custard. Had a sleep, then rang up Doris. She was better but had a head ache. I started work again, guard mounting1.30, so back to old times again. It is very warm today. I had a nap and then went back to work. Was going to measure up post and met Flt Sg Lewis who asked me to go over to Yatesbury and get some paint brushes from the line hut. Went to tea and had  sausages, jam, then had a read and put my cycle bell on and pained front mud guard. Read magazine and going to  supper. Had corned beef, spam and cheese. Went back to hut and read. Mad bed and saw Arthur ***. He had heard from Charlie Whyatt who was doing quite well. Rang Doris up.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Mrs S took Jill to the dentist so alone most of the morning. Finished about 2.30. Wrote to Mum, did quite a bit of washing, got Lyn up 3.45 and hung the washing out. Messed about, got tea and we had ours, then took Lyn and Kala down the fields and played with Lyn. She's been very naughty today, hid the ignition key of the car, awful to-do. Bill rang up dinner time and again tonight. All right but fed up - so am I! Been reading goat books! Now almost 9.00 pm and so to bed. G. Night.

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