Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tuesday 26th May


Called up at 6. Put guns on post and then had breakfast, ham and beans, shredded wheat. Gave orders for the guns to be cleaned and then washed, shaved and cleaned out post. Read paper, bought Doris pad and wrote out what I might need for a place. Went to dinner and had minced up meat, roast potatoes and carrots, rice pudding and currant and date pudding. Got ready for guard relief to take over. It started to rain hard, came down in torrents. We waited for the car and then got picked up. I got ready to go out. It was still coming down in torrents. I put overcoat and boots and cape on, then biked out to Rodwell. It rained all the way and I did not get wet. Doris was pleased to see me and I soon put my things away and got into a bath. Lyn came in to bath me. She was pleased. I cleaned up, put clean things on and went down stairs and we talked over our place, then had tea. Swept up, put Lyn to bed and read her a story, then studied price lists. Doris had a pain in her side. Had supper. It's fine.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.30 and read and watched for Bill until he came at 4.15. Got Lyn up and we bathed Bill, great excitement! Got tea and we all had it together then cleared up and talked a bit, then put Lyn to bed plus 3 Bears. Sat in the big chair and I mended Bill's coat, then we discussed our holding and planned it all out etc. Rotten pain in my side tonight, feeling scruffy. Supper, up to the top with Bill and Kala. Fine now after the rain. So to bed 10.30. Hope there's good news from Mother in the morning. Good Night.

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