Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tuesday 12th May


Misty rain. Up 6.50 and went for a mug of cocoa and then got the men out on parade in two huts. I then went for a wash and shave, cleaned my rifle and am going to breakfast. Had bacon and fried bread, porridge. Went on parade to collect pay book. After parade went back to work. It was very cold. Brooker lit a fire in the Rec room so I had a good  warm. I did not bother to go out for break but had a look at the photos. They are half a crown each. I went to dinner, had beef, parsnips and potatoes, prunes and custard. I went in to Rec room and had a warm and a nap by the fire, then got to work. Went to tea, had sausage rolls, syrup. Cycled ovefr to Rodwell and met Doris. It started to rain. She had heard from Mother but they had not heard from the advert. I swept the dinign room out while Doris washed up and then put Lyn to bed. I read to her and then while Doris was writing I watered the greenhouse. They looked well. I read the Stock Breeder then we made a list of what we might want on our own place. It came to a good lot but we gave the highest limit. Had supper and then back to camp. It rained all the way.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother but no farm news. Did a bit of ironing this afternoon which somehow took until 4, got Lyn up and dispatched her ionto the garden, got tea, we had ours, then went to meet Bill 5.45. Back and cleared up and put Lyn to bed and down again by 7.15. Bill watered the greenhouse while I wrote to Mother and dad. Then sat in the chair together and made a list of all necessities for the holding. Came to a big amount. Up to the top with Bill, miserable wet night. Bill won't be here tomorrow because of the farewell concert.11.00 so G. Night.

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