Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tuesday 5th May


Fine day. Up 6.40, dressed, made bed and had a mug of cocoa. On parade a bit late. Got rec room tidy and cleaned up my stuff. Went to breakfast, had bacon, liver, porridge. Went on with job and drew out another design. PO Mosterman came in and said he was fortunate in having me stopping at the flying school and talked of another sand  table. He suggested that I take some of the others that would not be missed.I did so, taking 1 Vickers, 1 Lewes, 5 pill boxes and some hay stacks and sheds. I had a smoke and then went on with the job. Had dinner, minced meat and parsnips and potatoes, bread pudding. Took a walk down Yatesbury to look at the cottages for ***. I found nothing satisfactory and chatted with the road man, then went back to camp. had tea cake, sausage roll. Cycled over to Rodwell. met Doris and Lyn. We walled back. Doris and Lyn had a piece of my cake. Helped Mr Smeaton with his cucumbers and put them in, also took 3 wire worms out of one tomato plant. Read the paper, had supper, saw the head of Bills rabbit in the ***. Doubtful about Kala.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Finished about 2.45 pm. Did some ironing til 3 ish when I got Lyn and Philip up. (Mrs S went to fetch the children) Settled them both in the garden then sat out there and read Scarlet Pimpernel. Got tea and we had ours, then went to meet Bill. He was all right. We cleared up, put Lyn to bed plus story then went up the garden with Mr S, put in 6 cucumbers, watered and it was 9.00 pm. Just messed about till supper time. Up to the top with Bill - oh - Kala ate one of Bill's rabbits!!! Now to bed 11.00 pm. Tired and worried about the rest of the rabbits - so G. Night.

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