Friday, 11 May 2012

Monday 11th May


Up at 6.50, had a mug of cocoa and went on parade. Dismissed, had a wash and shave. I went to breakfast, had bacon, beans and porridge. Started work, noticed that one or two models had gone. Stopped half past ten for break and had a smoke. Went back to work and finished twelve. Had dinner, it was stewed mutton, carrots and potatoes, pudding with sultanas, custard. Came out feeling hungry so bought a packet of crisps. Borrowed 2d off Ken Gerten as I did not take any out with me. Sat on bed for a smoke and read. Went back to work. Brooker *** up the model and I helped him to put the table away. Finished up at 4 o'clock for tea. It was sausages and jam and cream sponge. I cycled over to Rodwell. met Doris and Lyn. Put a chest of drawers in Doris's room and then we washed up and put Lyn to bed. I read to her. We walked up the garden to get the washing in and Mr Smeaton asked me to help him to get the calves in. We had a look at the greenhouse then got the calves in and talking about farming. It was 8.45 when we sat in the chair so we read through an old Smallholder till supper time. Had supper and then got ready to go out. I felt OK. it was 1.15 and I was in 11.00.


Rodwell. Up usual time but curried round and took Bridget and Jill to school then Lyn and Philip to the doctors for their second inoculation. Lyn was pretty good. Back by 9.30, all usual jobs. Finished by 2.30, did some washing, then messed about more or less til 4.00. Got Lyn up, cut a shirt out of an old one, then got tea, had ours and went to meet Bill. Cleared up, put Lyn to bed etc. Went up the garden and got the calves in with Mr S then talked farming with him until 8.45. A little read together then supper. Up to the top with Bill now to bed 10.40 pm so G. Night.

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