Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Friday 12th June


Up at 7 and had breakfast, porridge, jam. On parade. Went down fields with ground sheet and had aiming disks till it rained, then we went in drying and had the Sten gun. Got ready pay parade and drew £2.8.0. then took chairs down hanger and then went to dinner. Had beef and pudding, custard. Went to ring up Doris. She was pleased I was coming to see her. I made another house for Lyn. Finished clearing up the huts and then had tea, pies, jam. Cycled over to Rodwell in the pouring rain. It was too wet to go up to the village. I did the separating,  had tea and put Lyn to bed, read her a story, and then got a book to read and helped Doris with a jig saw puzzle. Had supper. We talked about the home guard chap that got killed by a bakalight ***. Then cycled back to camp. it wasn't raining quite so hard. The boys were singing round the fire so I had a song or two then made my bed and went to sleep.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. B.G.S. Year Book arrived - good but very small. Finished 2.45, messed about with Lyn and read B.G.S. Mrs S and Philip departed 3.30 until Monday. Bill rang up dinner time, off so came 5.00 pm. Too wet to go and meet him. Got tea and had it. Cleared up, washed up, put Lyn to bed plus story. Read together in chair in the kitchen then did a jig saw. Up to the top with Bill, came back and Bill C. and I finished the jig saw. Seems funny without Mrs S and family. Now 11.05 so Good Night.

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