Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wednesday 3rd June


Up at 4.30 and on the post. Did it in shifts so managed to get a few more hours sleep. made bed and sat in the sun. Main cleaned all guns before 7 o'clock. Went to breakfast, had liver and cornflakes. Had a wash and shave. Went to post office and put £5.0.0 in for Doris and two in for myself, then bought a paper and went to the post to read. Cleaned up the post and put the blankets in the sun to air. Went to dinner and had stew and suet pudding and syrup and rice pudding. The plates in SHQ could have been cleaner. Went back to have a nap and packed things up. Relieved and back to camp. Had to draw *** webbing, then cycled over to Hillmarton. Doris met me with Lyn. They were very hot. The sun was beating down. We sat indoors then laid the tea and went for a walk down the woods and sat in the shade talking. The had tea, put Lyn to bed and I had a bath and changed my clothes. I hoed the garden and watered the greenhouse, then had supper, egg in milk. Cycled back, saw Shelly and ***.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Letter from Mother but no real news. Jill a little better, Dr only came once. Finished by 2.30, dressed myself nicely. I dressed Lyn in her new *** frock and went to meet Bill. Did so 3.55. Sat about til 5, I got tea then we went and sat down the fields. Came back to tea, cleared up, put Lyn to bed. Bill bathed and changed his clothes. Hoed in the kitchen garden and watered the greenhouse. Up to the top and now to bed. It's sweltering hot day. 11.02pm so G. Night.

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