Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sunday 21st June


Up at 8.20, went to breakfast, had egg and bacon, porridge, then cleaned up my rifle and went to see Rolf if I would have any chance in getting away early, and he said he would see what he could do. I was told I was in charge of two A. Got ready for that and changed the valve rubber in the bike ** ** as I lost mine. Went to dinner and had cold beef, greens, potatoes and apricots, then rang Doris up and told her I would be on guard. Mounted guard and cut out ** from her snap. Polished it and then lit the fire and had a few pot shots at rabbits with my catapult. Had bully beef for tea and fruit tart. Read a magazine, had a cup of tea. It was very hot outside. Watched people going along the road. had bacon and fried bread for supper. It was lovely bacon. Visited by orderly officer 23.20 and then read a short book.


Rodwell. Up 8.00 am and cooked the breakfast as Mrs S at Church. Washed up, potatoes and beds, then did some washing and then sewed all the morning. Tim came at 12. Lyn had a bathing suit of Jill's on all day and looked so sweet. Finished about 2.45 and sewed all the afternoon. Lyn played happily with Bridget. tea in the garden, bathed and put Lyn to bed directly afterwards then washed up, cleared up etc. and sewed. My cami-knickers are fine and ever so successful. Bill rang up 12.30, he's on 2A. Hopes to be here by 12 on Tuesday. bed now 10.25 pm, so G. Night.

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