Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Friday 19th June


Up at 7 and cleaned up. Went to breakfast, had cornflakes and herring. On parade, had a full pack parade. The took our bag pack in the huts and ran up and down the fields three of four times in W formation. The nhad dinner, stew and rhubarb and custard. I rang Doris up and told her I was making something for her. She was pleased and excited. I went back to hut then digging all the afternoon. Packed up at four. Had tea and pie and cake. I also had a plate of rhubarb. The I cut a kid out of perspex and carved it out then polished it up. Also painted Lyn's house ready for her. I had a game of darts and went on with the job. Had supper, cheese and herring in tomato sauce. Rang Doris up and then got ready for bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. No letters. Tim came home at 12 and went back 6.30. Finished 2.40, put Lyn to bed but she wouldn't sleep so stayed up there and sewed and she played about till 4.45. Got tea, we all had it, put Lyn to bed after and she went straight to sleep. Washed up, cleared up and did my cami-knickers all the evening plus my goat for company!! Bill rang up dinner time and 8.30, stand by. The darling as made me something else, I wonder what it is! To bed now to sew 9.45 so G. Night.

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