Saturday, 23 June 2012

Tuesday 23rd June


00.30 had a bath and then put my things and got to bed. Up at 7.10 and dressed, shaved, feeling very excited over my new holiday. Had breakfast, sausage meat, but did feel very hungry. On parade, marched down to the village and back, then Vickers gun drill. 10.154 took rifle in to armoury and got dressed and cycled over to Rodwell. Doris was all ready. I was there by half past eleven. The car came, Mr Bridges driving it. We got down to the station and I paid 11/6 for car. Doris bought a ticket and paid 19/- for it. She forgot to show her card. We had a nice journey and arrived at Paddington station 3 o'clock. Harold met us with his car. We got home quite early and had a nice long evening, talking and reading. Hilda came in about half past ten, then we had a talk on general things, cleaned and salted the kid skin.


Barnet. Up usual time, bath, breakfast, washed up, then collected together all my rations and packed etc for HOME. Bill came 11.50, car at 12.10 and we were off to Chippenham. Quite nice journey and Haold met us at Paddington, 2.55. Lyn all right all the way. Home by 3.45. Talk, talk talk all the time, chiefly about a place for us all. What a lovely jaw it was, lovely to talk and a home tea. Fluffy's got four male kittens. We did our kid skin most of the evening. Lyn played with Anne and Kathleen in the yard. Went to bed good. To bed about 11.20.

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