Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tuesday 30th June


Up 8.20, feeling that we have got to go back. I went down the town to buy some D**, two Gilette blades, a washer for pump and a chain for Doris. I called for the chicken and got a strap for the watch that I am selling for Harold. Paid 10s for it. Went down the fields with Doris. We sat under the shade of the old oak tree, we talked and schemed about the place, then we walked back to dinner. saw Mrs Brown and Elizabeth. She walked back with us to see Lyn. I got the skin out and changed and packed. Had dinner, said good bye t the lads on the shop. The car came round and I let Lyn take her horse as she wanted to have it. Mother came with us so we picked up Ivy at the school. It was 3.30 when we started and got to the station 4.05. Lyn howled at leaving her Grandma. We had a fast journey arriving Chippenham 6.30. Mr Bridges met us at the station. We had some food and milk. Put Lyn to bed and I walked up the garden with Doris. She wasn't feeling happy about leaving. I got back and LAC Ford had made my bed. I let him have the watch for 29/-.


Rodwell. Back again - oh dear. Up about 8.30, packed straight away while Bill went down the town, then we went over the fields and sat and talked and felt very miserable to think we had to come back. Home to dinner and Lizbeth to see Lyn but Lyn didn't like her! Sat and talked after dinner and just waited for the car at 3.15. Mother came, not Dad, collected Ivy at school, caught the train easily and very comfortable journey. Lyn wanted Grandma terribly and was awful when we got back here. Bill and I had a meal, went up the garden then I went up to the top with him and now to bed 9.27 pm. G. Night.

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