Monday, 25 June 2012

Thursday 25th June


Up about 9, had breakfast, read the papers, thorough look, things **, and then went down the town with Dad. Bought a bottle of syrup of figs and a packet of *** for Lyn's shoes, and two rubber heel pads for Doris. Then back home. Doris wanted to go over to Potters Bar but I felt tired so I had a rest and we went down on the Manor ground and sat and talked, planned our farm. It was a lovely day and we got quite excited about it. We had tea and I played draughts with Dad, then took a message from Hilda down Mrs Brown. We had some strawberries and I picked some pinks. Killed two kittens.


Barnet. Up about 8.30. Bill went down the town shopping with Dad, I messed about, talking chiefly. Wanted to go to Dyers but Bill was tired so we sat in and read til about 3.30 then went over the Manor Grounds and lay out on the grass and talked and talked and talked. Bill was ever so enthusiastic and excited. Home latish to tea. Took a message from Hilda to Mrs B. 7.30 stayed awhile and talked. Had a few strawberries from the garden. Back, Bill played draughts with dad. To bed about 11.00 pm. It's lovely to be together each night.

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