Monday, 4 June 2012

Thursday 4th June


Up at 7 and dressed and cleared up. The lads were getting ready to go to Grantham, then I said goodbye and had breakfast, egg, bacon and porridge. On parade, marched to the village and had a rest, then back to camp for a Tommy gun lecture. Had break. I had a soft drink, sold a packet of fags. Went on with lecture till twelve. Had dinner, mutton, mint sauce and bread pudding, custard. Got ready for guard, put overcoat in pack, it was a blazing hot day. Pack with overcoat, ammunition, cape, gas respirator and tin hat. I nearly melted under the heat. I got ticked off by WO Vickery for not cleaning my boots and we all got threatened with reprisals if we do not get some cardboard and put in our packs. We felt there was a war on but they didn't realise it. Played a game of darts. I won two out of three 3d. Had prunes, cake for tea, sausage, cheese for supper. Went on again, came off 11.30 and putting things away again. Hrs of duty 16.30, 18.30, 21.30, 23.30.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs.Another very, very hot day. Finished 2.30 and did a packet of washing and hung it out. Wrote to Mother and Dad. Got Lyn up 4.15 and sat in the garden with her til 5. Got all my washing in. Tea, washed up and cleared up then did all my ironing. Bill rang up, he did dinner time too. He's in camp gun post. Put Lyn to bed, then took Kala for the usual walk. Sat and read for a little while. Tried on all my summer frocks - they're hopeless. Now to bed 9.30 pm. I wish we were at home in this lovely weather. G. Night.

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