Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wednesday 10th June


Up at 7.20 and had breakfast, liver and bacon, coffee. I enjoyed it. On parade, a bit of drill and a march down the village and sat down on the bank. At ten 5 we were dismissed to get our full pack on and squared up by eleven. We had an inspection. I was the only one who passed without any comment. Dismissed and on gun drill. After then dinner. I had dinner, cold beef, greens, potatoes and bread pudding, custard. Rang up Doris, she was alright. 6 lads ** being posted near Slough. Digging all the afternoon. Saw several crates and barrels of beer got ready for dance. Had tea, herrings in tomato sauce, jam, then went back to hut. Painted Ron **'s Spitfire and shaped and polished a few houses for Lyn. Then read a magazine. Got some petrol off A. Smith to fill my lighter. Had pies for supper. Rang up Doris, she told me Lyn had fallen off the chair and bumped her head.


Rodwell. Yp usual time and all usual jobs. Grannie and Barkie 11.30 to stay til tomorrow evening. Finished by 2.30 aqs Grannie wiped and Mrs S helped too. Played with Lyn in the hammock and in the dining room most of the afternoon. Lyn fell off the rocking chair before tea and made a big bump on her head. Washed up. Grannie wiped, cleared up and put Lyn to bed. Then started to knit a pair of Air Force blue socks for Harold's birthday. Bill rang up dinner time and again this evening, standby but he may be over tomorrow. Took Kala up the field and back and now to bed to read 9.10. G. Night.

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