Friday, 15 June 2012

Monday 15th June


Up at 7.20 so hurriedly got shaved and cleaned up, then went to breakfast, porridge and sausages. On parade and square bashing then had a lecture on sighting. Then break and afterwards a lecture on firing orders. Went to dinner, had minced meat and greens, potatoes then bread pudding and custard. Went back to hut, rang up Doris and she said Mrs Smeaton gave Lyn a nice doll. I promised to ring up tonight. I had a read and a nap til two o'clock, then we put our ** on and went digging till four o'clock, then packed up for tea. had cold beef and a piece of cake, then I felt hungry so I took over a piece of bread and asked Godfrey for a piece of cheese he brought back from 2A. I ate that and felt very much better. Then had a read and a rest then went to see Milway and listen to the news. Cut out a piece of wood and made a house for Lyn, also put a chimney on it. Bill Hill and Bill Gradwell played on the drum. I went to supper and had herrings in tomato sauce and cheese, then rang Doris up. Did some more carving and then to bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Horrible to go back to the routine. No post. Jill ill again, sick 16 times during the afternoon. Put Lyn to bed for a little while after dinner. Finished 2.30 and did a bit of my cam-knickers til 3.30. Got Lyn up and played with her til 4.45. Got tea and we had it. Cleared up etc. put Lyn to bed ready to go, did my cami-knickers all the evening. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening, standby, he's quite all right. Mrds S gave lyn a large rubber duck, she's ever so pleased with it. bed now to read 9.20 pm so Good Night.

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